What They Say About Us.

“We should pick the house up and move it to my town, I‘d stay there forever then.”
L.B. June 2013

“Just wanted to say thanks all of you for taking extra special care of my son, at least when he is with you guys. I know he is safe and it lessens my worries being his mum knowing that I’m not going to be up all night every night for weeks on end sometimes just hoping and praying he is safe and nothing bad has happened to him, because no one can find him. I appreciate all you do and continue to do for my son Thanks You.”
L.T. Young Persons Mum May 2013

“The staff were realy nice I loved them”
“ I was always happy, there is nothing that would make me happier”
“They were funny”
All from J.K. march 2013

“No way I loved the house”
“There the best”
“I’m staying ‘till I’m 50 then going into retirement”
All from S.R. march 2013

“Thanks for your through P.E.P and statement documents.”
L.A. 2013

“Thank you your recording is excellent.”
L.A. 2012

“The staff encouraged me all the way.
You have done everything I have asked.”
O.J. Jan 2011

“I’ve enjoyed myself. It hasn’t felt like a care home. It felt like my home. I got on with everyone and I’ll miss you loads. Thank you for helping me”.
N A 16 August 2011

“They have taken good care of me, I would like to come back for another holiday but for longer so that I can go to other places on the boat”.
“I would like to thank G for helping me with my medication”.
Both from NS male aged 15. August 2011

“The staff are very good, helpful, supportive and funny.I really enjoyed it, I wish I could stay longer”.
Young person 2010

“Care Afloat’s innovative approach to placing some of our most challenging young people has provided a number of very positive outcomes for those young people placed.”
K.S. Contracts & Commissioning Sefton MBC Sept 2010

“I loved staying at Cherry House and wouldn’t leave if I had the choice, I’ve had the best time and best experience working with all my staff. You all are gonna be missed dearly. Thank you for everything and all the best."
S.J. 2010

“We have used your mobile provision on a number of occasions and always found this to be a really helpful response when we have a young person in crisis. The advantages are that the staff are skilled at engaging with young people and can offer them an opportunity to distance themselves from the negative influences which are often controlling what the young person is involved in, crime and sexual exploitation in particular. They can keep them safe.”
S.L. Assistant Commissioning Manager Salford Aug 2010.

“Care Afloat’s contribution to the South Lancashire Missing From Home Group has been invaluable. Our joint working has also ensured that the issues relating to the vulnerable young people in their care are addressed positively in a spirit of true partnership.”
Sgt. Stephen Eckersley Lancashire Constabulary

"That’s the first time I’ve seen him smiling in 3years."

“ You have changed me so much, I’m so glad I’ve met you all. You helped me through things I didn’t think I could do on my own, you have made me feel myself again like a normal 15 year old…... Thank you so much for being there when I needed you….. Wish everyone all the best. I’m really happy I have made the right choice in moving to Care Afloat.”
N. Aug 2010

"He sat through his review – I’ve never known that before."

"What a Change!
I’m on a boat on the canal heading to the Thames
Going away from my home town. I’m missing all my friends!
I’ve got the most fantastic carers. My journey is so unbelievable you’d think it was a myth.
I got moved from my care home really without me knowing, being transported by the police wondering where I’m going.
I arrived at my destination 10 past 12 at night finding out I’m living on a boat!
It gave me quite a fright!
Everyone’s helping sort my life with the things I need to do.
I’m staying off all the drugs and stopping my alcohol abuse.
Being on this boat stops me running loose.
I appreciate everyone's help, it means a lot to me.
All the advice and encouragement has let my mind go free."
Young Person—2nd June 2009

“Effective … Head teacher’s leadership”

“S. C. came back with a different attitude, definite improvement, shows more confidence and is desperate to come back (to you). I am very happy with the service”.
Social Worker October 2009.

“a supportive environment within which pupils...re-engage with education.”

“It has been a pleasure working alongside a team that is truly child centred and genuinely concerned and openly working towards helping young people to become confident young adults. Keep up the good work”
Social Worker 2009.

"Students’ personal development is strong … result … improving maturity and … behaviour"

"I also recall the attempts made by Elaine and team in identifying an education package and how Elaine would try and stay one step ahead of the game."
J.T. (Leeds)

“ It feels strange being looked after for a change……. But good.” M

“The placement worked well, very positive. I was really pleased ...… and witnessed good rapport with staff; positive relationships were built with staff in a short time.”
Social Worker—November 2009

“Teachers are very committed & dedicated to providing the best”

“Thank you all for the kindness and support you have shown S and ourselves during this hard time in our lives.”
A parent 2008

“I cannot thank you all enough for the care, attention and support offered to A and myself during these past weeks.”
A parent 2008

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