Our Partners in Health

Frustrated by years of failing to access health assessments without a 12 month wait, we decided to seek our own partners to ensure quick access to services.

Since 2005 we have been in partnership with external providers of holistic mental health services.

CCATS are a small dedicated multi-disciplinary team working with Young People who are Looked After in various provisions, including Care Afloat.

This service is reserved for a number of our beds. This professional team commences assessment upon admission to Care Afloat and works closely with our staff teams in developing interventions,therapy and training to meet each Young Person’s needs.

On admission, health and developmental information is sought from the Young Person’s family and Social Worker. With current observations from our Care and Education staff, a generic Assessment is conducted, and the findings discussed with us at Care Afloat.

This is followed by discipline-specific programme as recommended in the Assessment. These offer conclusions and a Care Plan that may include intervention in a variety of forms, such as regular direct contact with a clinician, or joint working between a clinician and a link worker and can include a full psychological or psychiatric assessment. Strategies are discussed at Care Afloat’s monthly Team meetings and training for staff arranged as necessary. A truly holistic and 24/7 approach can then be put in place.

The team also provides specialist training as part of Care Afloat's comprehensive staff development programme, developing staff training to the needs of the young people.

Reports are written and distributed to appropriate professionals following all assessments and courses of intervention. Clinicians aim to attend Young People’s inter-agency meetings, reviews and team meetings.

All clinicians are fully qualified, highly professional and committed to multi-disciplinary and multi-agency working.

A word from CCATS:
CCATS has been established for 10 years. In addition to working in partnership with providers of children’s residential care, the service has been commissioned by many social care departments, primary care trusts, youth offending teams, schools and the police.

CCATS acted as a tier 3 CAMHS team for NHS Blackpool and NHS North Lancs for several years and is represented as such on the CAMHS mapping website.

CCATS provides Care Afloat with the following services:

• a comprehensive initial assessment of every young person referred, incorporating the use of validated outcome measures and psychometric tests, ensuring the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions.
• therapeutic intervention in a variety of forms including:
o individual therapy (cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, person centred, play, transactional analysis, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing)
o consultations with care workers and educational staff
o a specialist treatment programmes, for example, for young people with harmful sexual behaviour
• regular attendance at home team meetings, providing an opportunity for each home as a whole to benefit from support from a psychological perspective
• regular reports on every young person worked with which detail the therapeutic model in use and incorporate results of outcome measures and psychometric tests
• comprehensive discharge reports including recommendations for further intervention at the young person’s new placement
• staff training for care and educational staff on matters relating to child and adolescent emotional wellbeing and mental health”

CCATS psychologists work within the BPS Code of Ethics and Conduct; CCATS therapists and counsellors work within the BACP Ethical Framework and the BABCP Standards of Conduct & Ethics for Therapists; child psychotherapy is conducted within the ACP Code of Professional Conduct & Ethics; play therapy is conducted within the PTUK Ethical Framework.

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