Welcome To Care Afloat.

We can offer you holistic provision from 4 weeks to 11 Years, from school age to independence.

We promise flexibility, tenacity and consistency for all of your young people using our unique blend of facilities and child- centred practice.

We have a no nonsense approach that is not afraid to balance appropriate attention with definitive boundaries.

It is not our job to control our young people. It is our mission to walk them through a crisis period in their lives, to teach them that their behaviour has consequences, good and bad, and show them the benefits of choosing behaviour that affects themselves and others in a positive way.

They come through our doors with a limited tool kit for life. We want them to leave us (however long they stay, months or years), with the ability to look after themselves, make informed decisions and function within society with a full tool kit which they can pick up and use throughout their lives.

We do not seek rapid expansion but prefer to concentrate our efforts to develop our services and establish ourselves as a Centre of Excellence. We seek partnerships with Local Authorities who genuinely want the best service for their young people and who will advocate with us for the highest standards.

Danny Curran, M.D. and Founder, Care Afloat

(UK based, Danny is the sole owner of Care Afloat).

2013 Care Afloat Ltd