Our Partners in Education, Work and the Community.

All of these groups are part of our "socialising" policy to encourage our young people to meet and mix with their peers in the community.


Our own woodwork shop where young people can, under supervision, create anything from a bird table to a wardrobe ,either for their own use or for resale at the local Community Recycle Centre and markets. They share in the profits and learn important lessons in communication and negotiation –and how to deal with the public.


We are constantly impressed at the high quality of their products!

The Engine Rooms

A community based workshop where young people can learn either as part of their education, or develop a skill or interest to take forward in life.



We invite our neighbours to let us know if they have any concerns and ask them to raise them at an early stage. In addition, we have “Involving You “,a protocol to allow them to feedback confidentially if they choose. Neighbours can also nominate groups to access Charmaine, our Community boat, free.

The Police

We have a close working relationship with the local Police which ensures that we work together on a day to day basis in the best interests of our young people. We have formal working protocols covering young people "Absent From Home" and “Involving the Police” - clear policies and procedures for ensuring young people are not criminalised unnecessarily and that joint informal action can be taken to challenge offending behaviour if necessary.

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