A Typical Placement...

... will last for years, not months.

The first stage of our programme is definitively unique. With four canal boats and an ocean going yacht, we are able to offer each young person at least a month spent aboard one of these vessels as a member of the crew. In this environment, our experienced staff form the relationship of trust essential to any developmental process - and give the young person experiences and challenges often entirely foreign to them.

Our unique registered Care Afloat Mobile Facility also allows us to give young people land based activities, while still accessing our educational and therapeutic services.

Crisis Intervention & Short Term.

Do you have a placement in crisis?

Would a short break enable you to take stock, reassess and make alternative plans?

Care Afloat can offer you;

Use our experienced staff, or a mixture of our staff and yours to maintain continuity for the young person.

Longer Term.

  • Young people can move to any of our solo or 2/3 bed homes,linking closely with our school, Learn 4 Life and CCATS our health provision. Many young people stay with us for 2-3 years or more.

  • Integrated Care, Health & Education Plan

  • Key to our long term success is our system of monthly assessments of placements at our Team Strategy Meetings, including our Educational and Health Teams who are integral to our provision. Young people can access the CCATS health Assessment on arrival and their provision is included in the placement plan.
  • Our flexibility means that “time out” can be used in times of crisis using members of the existing team or other staff already known to the young person.

  • We have never closed a placement at short notice!

  • 24 Hour management cover means all our staff have access to advice and support after hours.

    Family placements/Independence.

  • Young people can move on to a family placement provided by one of our partners, with on-going support from Care Afloat, or "Moving On",our own independence provision.
  • Small group holidays.

  • Use our boats or place in France for a small group holiday. Courses also available. From 1-4 young people can be catered for. (Please note we require reasonable notice for this service).
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